.“A lot of my performances have had fire involved, so we thought ‘Heat’. Also, red is one of my favorite colors, as is gold [both colors frame the bottle]. So then we thought of making the bottle look like it’s on fire. I love antique bottles — my mother had a collection of them when I was growing up. I wanted something with an antique yet modern feeling. Even with my wardrobe, I always try to find things that have a little bit of something vintage, yet still timeless and classic. The bottle, I felt, was a great mixture of the two"~

Doft: HEAT
Omdöme: Söt,blommig & varm kvinnlig doft i snyggt formad flaska i budoirkänsla.
Passar för: Kul kväll på stan för en tjej i 20års åldern.
Får oss att nynna: Clubhopping-Rob'nRaz
EdP 359:-/50ml


“With Pink Sparkle, I wanted to create an elegant, feel-good fragrance that takes you to a wonderful place of optimism and vitality.  I like to think of it as an open invitation to join me in celebrating all that is good in life.  Pink Sparkle is a sophisticated fragrance dedicated to all women who are in harmony with themselves and the world.” ~
Kylie Minogue

Doft:Pink Sparkle
Omdöme:Kryddig,mystisk,tyngre doft lite åt det unisexhållet.Lite tantvarning.Näpen,fin flaska.
Passar för:Kvällen,för mogen kvinna.
Får oss att nynna:Lady in red-Chris de Burgh
Edt 335:-/50ml


"Pure Brilliance is about the radiance and beauty at the heart of every woman," Dion stated. "It's the energy within that makes every woman unique."... ~ Celine Dion 

Doft: Pure Brilliance
Omdöme: Fräsch,lätt,sportig,feminin & lite söt doft.Småtrist flaska
Passar för: Dagen,för ung sportig tjej
Får oss att nynna: ABC-Anna Book
EdT 329:-/50ml


“I love the feminine scent of my new perfume Radiance.
It has the power to make any woman feel beautiful,”~
Britney Spears
Doft: Radiance
Omdöme: Söt,fruktig & lite "billig" doft som till en början har en touch av rengöringsmedel.
Kul,kitchig flaska.
Passar för: Dagen,för bubbelgumstjej
Får oss att nynna: Venus~Bananarama
EdT 650:-/100ml

Källa:Amelia Hår & Skönhet

En sångerska som oxå gett sig in i doft djungeln är...

“I'm absolutely thrilled to finally introduce me in a bottle. There is a wonderful world of fragrances out there, but like with my music, I believe there is room for me and my own unique twist on it. Purr is a natural extension of who I am as a woman - it's a gorgeous blend of all my favorite scents that embodies my style, my tastes and my love for all things incredibly cute. It is an absolutely purrfect perfume that I hope leaves you meowing with delight!" ~ Kate Perry.

Toppnoter: Persika, förbjudet äpple, gardenia och grön bambu.

Hjärtnoter: Jasmin, rosa fesia och bulgarisk ros.

Basnoter: Vaniljorkidée, krämig sandelträ, vit amber, kokos och mysk

Köper du en parfym bara för att din idol ger ut den?
Fast du kanske inte gillar den...
       Nobbar du en parfym helt,för att du inte gillar kändisen?
Trots att du kanske skulle älska doften...

Postat av: Johanna

så länge zlatan spelar kommer nog ingen annan få guldbollen såvida de inte gör som zlatan!

2010-11-16 @ 17:11:10

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